An accreditation program recognises and acknowledges members who demonstrate knowledge and service beyond the basic requirements of appointment.


Why Accreditation?

It is anticipated that a successful program will:

  • recognise and reward successful program participants.
  • enhance the reputation of QJA as a professional association.
  • attract appointed JPs and Cdecs to membership.
  • provide value to existing members of the Association and encourage retention of membership.
  • Create a platform for external stakeholders to be referred to experienced witnesses.



  • Appointment as a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations, for at least 5 years
  • Current financial QJA member for at least 2 years
  • Completion of the QJA Professional Series courses within previous 12 months: 1-4 for Justice of the Peace (Qualified); 1 & 2 for Commissioner for Declarations
  • Evidence of the candidate’s recent activity as a qualified witness: Points-based allocation taking account of volunteering activity, ongoing professional development, articles published in QJA media, presentations at workshops, meetings, or conferences.

How to Apply

  • You will need to complete an Application for Accreditation
  • Attach evidence of eligibility as previously mentioned
  • email or post to our State Office

More Information

For more information on the program download our information brochure:

Download an Application Form:

Enrol in the Professional Development series of online courses: