Why use an electronic logbook?

Most people routinely carry an electronic device (smart phone or tablet) with them. With these devices, we have immediate access to our diary, emails and important documents no matter where we are. Similarly, the QJA eLogbook is portable and can be accessed on any mobile device. This allows us to record and update JP/Cdec transactions at the point of service. 

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  • Anywhere, anytime access wherever you have internet access.
  • Convenient - use on multiple devices – e.g. your tablet when it is handy or your smart phone if your tablet is somewhere else.
  • Simple - you don't need multiple logbooks for each location you witness documents
  • Long-term - records can be stored indefinitely so will always meet legislative storage obligations.
  • Helpful - it includes some guided checklists to prompt you for the supplementary information you need to maintain (such as capacity assessments when witnessing EPA and AHDs.
  • Useful- upload supplementary documents, e.g. Search Warrant Applications - so that all relevant documents are stored in the one place.
  • Searchable -search your records by date or client name, something which is not so easy to do when kept in a paper form.
  • Informative - track your own activity so you know number and types of documents witnessed and hours logged.

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What our users say:

"I have started using the e-logbook and happy with ease of use , detailed record , efficiency and streamlined standardised process."