Becoming a JP is not just for the retired

When you say "JP" some people think of a retired bank manager volunteering at a signing desk in a shopping centre so they might not have considered that JPs are not always retirees.

Did you know that there are lots of "non-retired" JPs who undertake their duties at work, in hospitals, education facilities, community centres and other locations? Meet some of our younger members:

"I became a JP (Qual) at 18 years of age after completing the QJA Justice of the Peace Qualified Online Course. I think it is important to be an active part of the community, and I believe that a Justice of the Peace is an excellent way to give back, especially through the JPs in the Community program. Whilst I’m not yet part of the JPs in the community program due to University study and work commitments, I hope to be part of the program as soon as I finish my degree. I would encourage any young person who is community minded to consider becoming an active JP."

"I am about to do the QJA Justice of the Peace Qualified pre employment classroom course in Townsville. I was thinking about becoming a JP (Qual) and asked to attend a QJA branch meeting to gain a better understanding of the duties of a JP (Qual). I was very surprised at the variety of duties a JP (Qual) can do, plus I enjoyed the professionalism and enthusiasm of the people at the QJA Townsville branch meeting. They are a great group of motivated individuals. I think that becoming an active JP (Qual) is an excellent way to be part of my community and look forward to being part of the Townsville QJA team."

If you are thinking about becoming a JP find out more at: