QJA Accreditation Program

An accreditation program recognises and acknowledges members who demonstrate knowledge and service beyond the basic requirements of appointment.

Why Accreditation?

recognize and reward successful program participants.
enhance the reputation of QJA as a professional association.
attract appointed JPs and Cdecs to membership.
provide value to existing members of the Association and encourage retention of membership.
Create a platform for external stakeholders to be referred to experienced witnesses.


  • Appointment as a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations for at least 3 years
  • Current financial QJA member
  • Completion of the QJA Professional Series courses within previous 12 months: 1-4 for Justice of the Peace, (Qualified); 1 & 2 for Commissioner for Declarations
  • Be an active JP or C.dec through witnessing activities whether in the JPs in the Community Program, through work or elsewhere.

The Assessment

Online assessment via the current QJA learning management platform. Candidates must achieve a score of 85% of the total mark to proceed.  
The assessment process involves four discrete modules: 

  1. 10 multiple choice questions (10 points)
  2. 5 short answer questions (10 points)
  3. 4 scenario-style questions (60 points)
  4. Interview by assessment panel with further scenario (20 points)

The scenario questions describe the types of client interactions as a witness you are likely to encounter, particularly scenarios that require the ability to apply technical knowledge and client service skills.  


1/06/2022 - 31/12/2023
Registration is closed.