Online JP Qualified: Self-Paced

Developed as a self-paced course this option enables our students to register in a course that is best suited to their individual learning styles and needs.  There are 32 Topics in total.  Each topic is divided into “Sessions” and Parts” Students will need to progress through each “Session” and” Part”.  There is a total of three “Sessions” consisting of three parts A and B.  At the conclusion of each “Session” there is an Assessment that consists of Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Document section.  Students must complete all three assessments to successfully complete the course.  Each Student is allocated an online trainer who can be contacted throughout the Course and Assessment via a messenger system within the Learning Management System.  A period of 120 days from the time of registration is allowed to complete the combined Course and Assessment.  Please ignore the date listed as this refers to the validity period of the current price.


This program specifies the competencies QCJWIT001-Witness or Certify Documents and QCJJUD001 – Perform Non-bench Judicial and Minor Bench Duties required to apply for Appointment to deliver Community Justice Services within Queensland and provides individuals with the skills and competencies to support them in volunteering for the provision of honorary justices’ services, including witnessing duties. 

A Justice of the Peace can perform the Duties below: 

  • Statutory declarations

  •  Affidavits

  • Wills

  •  Powers of Attorney

  •  Land Title Documents

  •  Issuing summonses

  •  Issuing arrest and search warrants

  •  Attending records of interview

  •  Hearing Bail Applications 


  •  The cost of $400.00 includes complimentary membership to our Association for 12 months which gives you access to ongoing support, member workshops, our extensive web resources including member tools, refresher quizzes as well as coverage under our umbrella voluntary workers and liability policy.


1/01/2021 - 31/12/2021


Practice Guides

This is a printed version of the official JP Qualified Department of Justice and Attorney-General practice manual for Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
Practice Guides
The Guide is the indispensable guide to practice for Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations.  The Guide supplements the DJAG Handbooks with practical tips and advice.2/3/4 hole binder.
Practice Guides

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