Guidelines for Witnessing

Witnessing Documents in a Pandemic

If you elect to actively participate in providing JP/Cdec services from your home during the closure period for community signing sites, you should comply with the following personal hygiene and social distancing guidelines to protect your own health and that of your clients:

  • Within your home, identify the most appropriate site to perform your volunteering activities. Where possible, this site should be used exclusively for this purpose and be isolated from use by other members of your household.
  • Keep the site in a clean and hygienic state. Before and after visits by clients wipe down all exposed surfaces with disinfecting wipes.
  • At all times, maintain an appropriate social distance (1.5 metres) between yourself and the client. If the work to be performed is likely to take more than 10 minutes, have the client wait outside until the time they need to be in your presence for witnessing purposes. Avoid any personal contact with the client.
  • If you have disposable gloves, wear them for the entirety of your interaction with the client. Otherwise use hand sanitiser (or wash with soapy water) both before and after handling the client’s document.
  • Do not share writing pens. Either allow the client to use their own for their signature or provide access to a set of pens you maintain solely for clients. Use disinfecting wipes to clean any surfaces touched by the client, including pens.
  • If you have disposable masks, wear one for the duration of your interaction with the client. This is not for your protection but your client.
  • If you feel unwell or have been diagnosed as having contracted the coronavirus, immediately withdraw your availability for volunteering services and, in accordance with the direction of your medical adviser, socially isolate yourself for the prescribed period.
  • At all times, follow the directions given by government announcements and your personal medical adviser.