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Department of Natural Resources and Mines

You can now view the lot number, plan number and property area for any property in Queensland. Search by street address or property description and zoom and pan the map to the area of interest and click to get the information.

The Queensland Globe is an interactive online tool that can be opened inside the Google Earth™application. Queensland Globe allows you to view and explore Queensland spatial data and imagery. On desktop computers, the Queensland Globe can view a number of other themed globes for coal seam gas (CSG), mines, vegetation and also land valuation information, plus a range of category globes.

Topographic maps show information about the shape of the land: both natural features and purpose-built structures.

The Floodcheck Maps are an interactive guide to flood lines, imagery, and data and the extent of floodplains in Queensland.

Department of Justice and Attorney-General, JP Branch

Bailiff-Sheriff Australia.

If you issue a summons, you can direct a client to contact a bailiff to serve it on their behalf.

Notaries Public

A notary public is a person authorized to sign international documents.

Queensland and Commonwealth Legislation

Federal Department of Attorney-General

JP Associations in other Jurisdictions

Useful Contacts

The Following list of contacts is not exhaustive and is provided here as a referral service.

Queensland Human Rights Commission1300 130 670
Department of Home Affairs13 18 81
Border Watch Hotline1800 061 800
Centrelink13 24 68
Caxton Legal Centre Caxton, and Qld Law Handbook07 3214 6333
Consular Assistance (SmartTraveller)1300 555 135
Crimestoppers1800 333 000
Department of Social Services (Australia)1300 653 227
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade1300 555 135
Department of Justice & Attorney-General – JP for New South Wales02 8688 7487
Department of Justice & Attorney-General – JP for Victoria03 8684 0000
Department of Justice & Attorney-General – QLD JP Branch Brisbane1300 301 147
Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)13 23 80
Dispute Resolution and Mediation1800 017 288
DV Connect - Mensline1800 600 636
DV Connect - Womensline1800 811 811
Elderly Abuse Prevention Unit1300 651 192
Electoral Commission of Queensland1300 881 665
Family Law National Enquiry Centre1300 352 000
Department of Resources - Queensland Titles Registry1300 255 750
Legal Aid Queensland1300 651 188
Legal Services Commission1300 655 754
Lifeline13 11 14
Marriage Celebrants (All state of Australia)1800 550 343
Mental Health Review Tribunal1800 006 478
National Security Hotline1800 123 400
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions1800 673 428
Office of Fair Trading: Consumer Information13 74 68
Office of the Public Advocate07 3738 9513
Office of the Public Guardian1300 653 187
Coroners Court of Queensland07 3239 6193
QPS – Road Safety Camera Office1300 360 610
Police Link13 14 44
Public Trustee Office (EPA's)1300 360 044
Public Trustee Office (Wills)1300 360 044
Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)1300 753 228
Queensland Health (13 HEALTH)13 43 25
Community Legal Centres Queensland07 3392 0092
Queensland Law Society1300 367 757
07 3842 5842
Registry of Births, Deaths, Marriages (Qld)13 74 68
SCAMwatch from the ACCC
Queensland State Emergency Service13 25 00
State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER)1300 365 635
Translating and Interpreting Service13 14 50
Victims Assist Queensland1300 546 587

The QJA makes no admission as to the suitability of any service provided by the above organisation.